Monster rating summoners war

Summoners War Monsters is dedicated to be one of the best resource for reviews, runes and team suggestions. Monsters are the main creatures used by players in the game to battle in the Arena, Scenarios, and Cairos Dungeon, as well as in Guild Battles and the Trial of Ascension. Hello fellow summoners! Welcome to the Summoners War Experience Guide. This guide will help you to know what areas are better for leveling monsters. The Fire Nine-tailed Fox Shihwa is an amazing multi-hitter that shines in NB10 teams. The Wind Nine-tailed Fox Arang is a powerful wind glass cannon, boasting one of the highest base attack Please do not ask for advice on Monster Rune builds on this page. Please see the individual monster page or our discussion page for advice. Neal (Light Fairy) is a good support monster in Summoners. The Loping Plains occupy the central area of Faydwer. Once a healthy habitat for a large variety of Tunare's creations, the Loping Plains has become cursed.